Characteristics of a good website, kubus media

Characteristics of a good website, kubus media

03.07.2019 (Amadeus) -

When we began to create websites at the end of the 1990s, a central aspect of our projects consisted in creating as independent an experience as possible for our customers.

A lot has changed since then. Today, the focus of our projects is much more pragmatic. In this context, we often talk about the fact that the internet has "grown up".

Today, the following factors play a fundamental role:

  • clear objectives (who and what should be addressed and where)
  • target verification (via personas and user stories - from the point of view of both, the user and the operator)
  • coherent messages (what should be communicated and how - text, image, video, audio)
  • clear specification of requirements (what the website must ultimately be able to do)
  • solid concepts (basic structure in terms of content and technology)
  • risk analyses (what happens, if...)
  • solid editorial system (convenient, independent administration of content via a CMS)
  • integration into peripheral systems (linking processes to the website and automating processes)
  • a user interface that complies with corporate design (with recognition value, but often subordinated to the basic idea that "form follows function")
  • ergonomic operation (avoiding barriers, focussing on a high quality user experience)
  • subject group tests (verification of the concept and UI/UX)
  • flawless implementation (web standards, high loading speeds, lowest possible amount of resources)
  • delivery (test and live instances, deployment routines)
  • security (protection from attacks and abuse)
  • high availability (dedicated and/or distributed server, container or cloud architecture, back-up strategy)
  • visibility (good presence on search engines and social media)
  • multi-channel communication (integration with additional digital communication channels)
  • monitoring, assessments and maintenance (continuous development - in terms of content and technology)

The emotional aspect has therefore been pushed into the background quite a bit. The technological environment, however, has become disproportionately more complex on the other side.

The characteristics listed here are at best a snapshot and do not claim in any way to be complete. The industry is constantly evolving. In many areas, for example, machine learning and artificial intelligence are slowly but surely moving into the focus, which is likely to influence the "characteristics of a good website" in the near future drastically.

If you have any questions, please ask.