Community Coffee, Teikei Coffee

Community Coffee, Teikei Coffee

04.09.2020 (Joscha) -

Cultivated in a fair and sustainable fashion, as well as in organic quality, the coffee from Mexico has an exemplary character and is (in my humble opinion) worth supporting. Plus, I have tasted the coffee myself and liked it a lot! ;)

The farmers are supported in a way that their descendants will continue to have a commercial interest in maintaining the company in the future. For the benefit of our oceans and their inhabitants, the transport is carried out by sailing boats, i.e. 100% free of acoustic and CO2 emissions. The storage and roasting takes place near the port of Hamburg, thus keeping the transport distances on land as short as possible.

"Teikei Coffee is a project that supports coffee farmers and seafarers and brings producers and consumers into a solidarity relationship at eye level.