Importance of an online communication strategy, kubus media

Importance of an online communication strategy, kubus media

09.02.2020 (Amadeus) -

Over and over we emphasise the fact that the actual work on a website often only begins after going online. Further more, this is at best a job that must be sustained constantly.

Within the scope of an online communication strategy project, we answer questions such as:

  • What traits do our target groups have?
  • What expectations do individual target groups have on us (or, from the operator's point of view: what are our expectations on them)?
  • Where, how, and when can we best reach our target groups?
  • How frequently should we communicate with our target groups?
  • Should interested individuals ultimately be directed to our own website, or do we want to use external platforms for parts of the communication strategy?
  • Where do the decision-making processes take place on the client's side?
  • Are the "call to action" elements positioned in the right places?
  • What can be optimised with the content and/or pathways of the online communication strategy?

With our clients, we define when, where and how certain tasks relating to the online presence (website, social media, newsletter etc.) should be carried out and how their impact can be continuously analysed. All of this is undertaken with the aim of achieving the highest possible visibility for our client's business and to continuously optimise content and content structures.