Progressive communal living, Aardehuizen

Progressive communal living, Aardehuizen

25.05.2021 (Amadeus) -

Aardehuizen is a beautiful example of what modern living can look like as a counter-model to popular sustainable urban building techniques ("verdichtetes Bauen").

With 23 houses the village is home to around 70 people, mostly families.

The houses are built according to the Earthship principle partly from sourced waste (tires, bottles and cans). They provide 75% of the people's electricity and 100% of their heating needs and collect and conserve rainwater as well as wastewater for drinking and washing.

There is so much intelligence in these houses, which are surrounded by beautiful permaculture gardens, that they are sure to have a positive impact on the lucky people who live there. A positive impact on the world is ensured on top anyways.