Open Source, kubus media

Open Source, kubus media

31.05.2021 (Amadeus) -

We advocate a world where resources are available to everyone. Fulfillment should be possible for all living beings.

Open Source fits this perfectly. In software development there is a wealth of wonderful examples that demonstrate how well the joint conception, designing and programming of software on the basis of voluntary work and donations work and what outstanding results can be achieved that way.

It is not only communities of geographically dispersed groups of people that maintain open source projects. Numerous, large, international corporations have joined the free software movement with great success and to the delight of a growing community of users and administrators worldwide.

We have been working with open source software for the implementation of our customer websites since the late 90s.

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Besides software development, open source can be a wonderful concept to apply to all other areas of life as well.

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