Phenomenon, Cookie alerts

Phenomenon, Cookie alerts

23.09.2020 (Amadeus) -

Remarkable, how a once reasonable concern (namely the protection from data collectors) could develop into the kind of excess we are currently witnessing on many websites. I am talking about cookie alerts.

On some websites users can now choose which cookies they want to accept. However, the dialogues are often confusing to a degree that it is not very easy for users to determine the desired options.

In some cases it even gets borderline, for example when there's a large, coloured "Accept all" button but none to reject all cookies. Instead, you may find a smaller, grey "Settings" button, which takes you one level deeper into the cookie alert, to then find yourself having to choose from a series of sliders and check boxes to determine which of the often numerous cookies you want to accept and which you would like to reject.

The fact that those alerts are getting bigger and bigger does not help either. ;)