Why maintenance and care are essential for a website, kubus media

Why maintenance and care are essential for a website, kubus media

04.09.2019 (Roman) -

It's the same with anything you love: to own something is only half the story. Your new bike is only new until you have used it for the first couple of kilometers. We all know that feeling, don't we? Over time, pedalling becomes harder and speed is reduced. Soon, you start to doubt your own fitness (or your bike). But then you pump up the tyres to 4 bars and oil the chain, and all doubts are gone - your bike feels as good as new again.

The same principle also holds true for websites. A well managed and properly maintained website saves a lot of trouble, time and ultimately money. Server technology, for example, is constantly evolving, which is why it is important not to lag too far behind with your own web application to ensure smooth operation. In addition, smartypants are always looking for - and often finding - security gaps that need to be closed.

Maintenance can also be accompanied by regular assessments. Is the website still up-to-date? Does it fulfil its defined purpose and are set goals being achieved? Are there new trends or challenges that need to be considered?

Only if your own website is maintained at more or less regular intervals can you anticipate or counteract unpleasant circumstances and thus extend the lifespan of your website.

For our clients, we therefore recommend:

  • a good back-up strategy
  • continuous monitoring
  • regular assessments with the project team in order to exchange information on medium to long-term challenges/plans
  • periodic maintenance updates

And in comparison to bicycles, nobody needs to get their hands dirty.

If you have any questions about maintaining a website or other support, just ask.

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