Software platforms

Although there are not many constants in software development and we pursue a platform agnostic strategy (key word: headless CMS), there are software platforms that we appreciate and which have proved their worth, first and foremost Magnolia from Basel.

  • Magnolia (CMS)

    Magnolia (CMS)

    As a Magnolia Gold Partner, we prefer to implement our sophisticated web applications with the highly successful Java content management system from Basel. learn more about Magnolia

  • Grav (CMS)

    Grav (CMS)

    We like to create small, efficient websites with the innovative PHP flat file content management system from Colorado. learn more about Grav

  • Shopware (E-Commerce)

    Shopware (E-Commerce)

    For shop projects, we rely on the innovative system from Schöppingen (Germany). learn more about shopware

  • WordPress (CMS)

    WordPress (CMS)

    For the implementation of medium-sized blogs and websites, we favour the popular PHP system from San Francisco - the most widely used CMS in the world. learn more about WordPress

  • Symfony (Framework)

    Symfony (Framework)

    We implement bespoke portals and web applications based on the PHP framework from Paris. learn more about Symfony